It’s All In The Scale: Why Scale Matters

It’s All In The Scale: Why Scale Matters

One of the best strategies that top interior designers use is to play with the concept of ‘scale’. The scale differences in the elements bring out the best picture and add perspective. They add that ‘wow factor’ in your room, simply by using the difference in height, size and depth. 

How can you use this strategy of scale for your spaces? Here goes. 

Hello, Wallpaper

The easiest way to play with scale is to size up the motifs in your wallpapers or size them down if the other pieces are large-scale. If your pieces are too vibrant and bold, use simpler wallpapers. 

Scale Up The Lights

Let the proportion of your lights (a pendant light or a floor lamp for example) be much larger than everything else in the room. See how it catches the eye and transforms a space.

Play With Patterns Not Just Pieces

The obvious choice is to pair pieces of different sizes – but you can also play with different patterns. A long curtain could have large patterns, compared to the more muted patterns of the cushion covers or the walls. 

Don’t Forget The Floor

Go maximalist with your floor. It could be large tiles or huge carpets and rugs that cover an entire space with its pattern.

It’s All In The Details

Different large-scale accessories like green plants, mirrors and artworks in huge sizes magically work for a great interior design. You can also put large-scale patterns in small spaces and vice versa.

Products from our collections, like the Kelvin Magnum are paired with much smaller side tables,  or the wallpapers in different patterns are among a few good picks for you if you want to make the best of scale! Get every room a bit of wow now! 

Image Credits: Gaetano Pesce's Up Armchair & Ottoman

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