Bid Adieu To Minimalism, Dare To Do MORE!

Bid Adieu To Minimalism, Dare To Do MORE!
‘Maximalism’ is a term often misunderstood. It is associated with ‘having a lot of things’, even hoarding or being ‘garish’, but what it truly means is designing with beautiful colours, rich textures, vibrant patterns – anything and everything that can make a space come alive. 
It’s time we embraced maximalism because our spaces should speak for themselves. How can you do that? We’ve got your back. 
Create A Cohesive Look 
Create a rhythm with what you do.
Some pattern clashes look mesmerising, while others look tacky. Pick patterns, colours and textures that go welll together to create a cohesive look. You can stick to a colour family or colours that complement those. And before that, choose whether you want a warm or a cool palette to work with.
Have Anchors
Have solid, simple pieces that bind it all together.
What can you do to ground the eye when you design a space? Use solid wooden or marble pieces with hard finishes as side tables, centre tables etc. They’ll enhance the entire appeal.
Keep In Mind The Scales Of Your Patterns
Not all patterns have to go everywhere. 
You’ll most likely end up using more than one pattern. Use some in small spaces. Some on one pillar, or a curtain – the other on a huge wall. Keep their scales different. 
Group Them Up!
Huddled together, makes for a smart design.
If you have artworks, put them all on one wall. If you have multiple cushions or vases of the same type, you could arrange them all together. Maximalism does not mean clutter. Sometimes you can find a tapestry or an antique piece, around which you can revolve your entire design. It could also be something you personally love. Start there. 
Let’s make maximalism a conscious choice. Minimalism is dead!

Image Credits: Kelly Wearstler 

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