Light It Up: The Unusual Way Of Illuminating

Light It Up: The Unusual Way Of Illuminating
Lights do a lot more than just illuminate. They can make or break a space and give it character. So how do you stay away from the mundane and do lighting right for your space? Here are some tips on how the pros do it!
Surprise Them With The Placements!
Put them where most wouldn’t.
Unexpected, unconventional placements of lights will give your space a unique taste. Place them in spots which are not illuminated traditionally. Like a chandelier in the bathroom or a lamp on the steps, go wild!
Put The Details In The Spotlight
The magic is in the details. 
Use lights to emphasise design details in your space. You can highlight a plant, a bookcase, or a painting. Lights can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 
Be Bold, Think Outside The Box
Or understand that there is no box! 
Instead of using the usual lights that you can find in any home, hotel or other common space, try something bolder. For example, our Kelvin pendant lights can do better than a tube, or a simple bulb. Or Billow wall lights would do great on steps, or over your desk.
The key to lighting like the pros is to experiment and create your own original style. You can also use multiple lights, than one bright one. Look for interesting pieces – you’ll find some great ones in our collections – and take your pick! 
Image Credits: Pierre Yovanovitch

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